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More Spain stuff, to start the new year.

We belatedly start 2018 where we left 2017...with Spain on the brain.

This seafood rice dish with vegetables and saffron, which Don Miguel made for us during a trade mission to Spain, was so simple and gloriously delicious.

It's kind of like a soupy risotto -- the name in Spanish, Arroz Caldoso, means "brothy rice" -- but, unlike a risotto, it has neither butter nor cheese, just hyperfresh extra virgin olive oil, which mostly comes in at the end of the recipe as an aromatic and savory addition.

Serves 6 Iberics or 8 normal people

1t to 1T saffron threads, depending on your preference, I went with 1 1/2t.
8 c vegetable and/or seafood stock
2 c valencia-type rice, (you can substitute any risotto-type rice)
2 1/2 c combination:
finely diced carrot
finely diced red bell pepper
finely diced yellow onions
1/2" cuts of asparagus and/or green beans
medium dice zucchini
 Shellfish (shrimp/prawns, squid rings, mussels...while fresh is always best, in this case, frozen a…

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